Behind The Scenes - Slow Fashion & ASMR

Creating a statement piece is very laborious. Every part of the process has its own section of detail. I create these pieces so that no matter where you look there is something new to look at. I've hand stitched, cut, and trimmed everything with care to make sure your piece is durable and exactly how I seen it in my mind. I've selected each colour to compliment colours around it and also as a whole piece. As soon as I made my first shawl I dreamed of seeing a shawl that was pure beadwork & fringe and have recently been able to bring that vision to life. This specific pattern I've created is based from a photograph I have of my Great Grandmother Elsie's beadwork, specifically the main flower. Doing this work is very therapeutic for me and so I've created this video to elaborate that this is a time consuming art form and also to share the soothing sounds of stitching and cutting.

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