Monday Excitement

At the beginning of this year I accepted a custom order for a wedding & the bride wanted a shawl 🤍 I had completed most of it a few months ago & finally finished the rest of it tonight 🥳 The whole thing is white elk hide and blue fox fur with Sherpa lining. It has a double layer of fine fringe & ahhh it just feels amazing to wear.  I actually made a TikTok video while finishing this & it ended up getting just over 10k views which was surprising! I went to grab some yam fries for a snack & my phone was blowing up with TikTok comments 😳 A lot of the comments were saying they liked the choice of music & the little ASMR clip 🤓 Indigenous ASMR!!! 😋 Anyways, I just wanted to share my little bit of excitement haha 

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