In Nov. 2016 my little cousin passed away. His name was Raine 💙 While I was grieving his loss I beaded the Rainestorm design as circular earrings & have since riffed off that creating florals and several vest patches. This is one of the designs I always find extra soothing to bead, like he’s there with me. 

The blue represents Raine, the gold is the sun shining through & the black and white represents the light and the dark in the storm. A beautiful chaos. I thought about Raine and let my hands do the rest. The Center is the semi precious stone agate: The stone of protection, healing, strength, and harmony.

RIP Raine 💙 Gone, but never forgotten 💙

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  • The story you shared about Raine is pure love, and, what comes from that is magical, this place that you get to, where you allow your hands to do the work, is probably the highest place of being, a place many of us are trying to ascertain! Your products are stunning of course, but your real gift is this higher state you allow yourself to be in! Congratulations!

    Lisa Dewhurst

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