Side story about my personal beaded purse

Okay, so my personal style is heavily influenced by the fact that I skateboarded as a teenager and also by the fact that I like to be comfortable. I'm usually wearing a hoodie & jeans. But also, every once in a while I like to try to add "fashionable" pieces to my wardrobe which usually turns out pretty wacky haha. An example of this was a time I was window shopping and seen these corduroy paisley pants. I love a good paisley print, so I was immediately intrigued by these and I think to myself, "THIS is fashion!" I'm thinking I'm going to be making this awesome badass statement by buying these expensive pants. SO, I bought them and I couldn't wait to show my friends. First of all, I had no idea what to even pair with it because I never had any kind of nice shirt and also zero fashion sense of pairing clothes anyways ha. I bravely wore them anyways. My friends seen them and the first thing they said was, "That looks like a rug!" omg....What even?! hahaha Once I seen it as rug pants, I couldn't unsee it and never wore it again...Or maybe I tried to wear it in defiance, but all I was thinking was "rug pants rug pants". I was so sad to let those expensive pants go to waste though, so.......I cut them up and used it as a liner inside of my personal purse, so I could carry it around with me wherever I went haha Picture included below. 

This purse is the first beaded purse I made & kept it as part of my personal collection. (Full story of inspo in my shop description of the selfie wall)



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